Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service. Instagram enables its users to apply digital filters to their photos and videos and share them on popular social networking services including Facebook (who acquired Instagram in 2012) and Twitter.

Increase in Online transactions

Revenue increase

Increase in Organic traffic

Increase in Mobile traffic

Why use Instagram?

  • Personal touch
  • New and different demographics
  • Free exposure
  • Networking
  • Over 150 million users

Instagram as a Social Media Marketing Tool:

  • Gives your customers a behind-the-scenes look
  • Approximately 55 million photos are uploaded daily
  • Fuels your other marketing channels
  • Allows you to reach new audiences
  • Helps you to learn what people like

Instagram’s Explore Tab

Instagram’s Explore Tab features 21 photos when a user clicks the tab second from the left along the bottom bar of the app. Users can search for specific users or hashtags (#) that interest them, with the goal of displaying photos that are specifically chosen to fit the user’s personal interests and connections.

What to Post

  • Your new products/your new products in action
  • Sneak peeks into your new products before the official launch
  • Behind the scenes day-to-day life at your offices
  • Employees/customers
  • Events that you organized and/or attended
  • Special offers on products/services

Instagram Sponsored Marketing Example - Levis Ad- Lady at Grand Canyon giving peace signs.

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