Twitter is an Internet social medium where users can post online messages with a character maximum of 140 characters, referred to as “tweets.” Roughly 3 million tweets are posted daily!

Increase in Online transactions

Revenue increase

Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in Mobile traffic

Why be active on Twitter?

  • Free/cost-effective exposure
  • Provide interactive, real-time customer service
  • Brand and reputation management
  • Easily follow industry trends
  • Your competitors are using it!

Marketing with Twitter:

  • Breaks the corporate image, giving your brand a personality
  • Boosts visibility on SERPs (Google accesses Twitter’s stream)
  • Enables you to build your brand and give your brand a voice
  • Allows for monitoring of and engaging in real-time conversations
  • Lets you easily keep a close eye on your competitors

Benefits of Using Twitter

With Twitter you can promote your tweets, you can promote your account, and you can promote your trends. Additionally, Twitter has a pay-only-for-engagement model so you are never wasting your money, and they have an insightful analytics platform.

Best Practices For Using Twitter

Tweets that get straight to the point and use humor and/or strong opinions tend to do very well. Hashtags (#) refer to topics, keywords, or phrases and are used to categorize messages on Twitter, helping people find and join conversations on particular topics. Best practice is to stick with one or two hashtags per tweet, as more than two hashtags can look messy and spammy.

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