Why Use Pinterest?

With ads on Pinterest, reach an audience that are looking to take action. Pinterest is a place that people are looking for inspiration, new products and new possibilities. Give your ads the reach they deserve.

Ad Types:

Standard Pins

Standard pins can display your brand in one simple, vertical picture. We can help you put your single branded ad in front of the correct audience. With the addition of clear titles and descriptions your Pin can get discovered in search. You can use 100 characters for your title and up to 500 characters for your description. If your Pin includes a link we can assure to check the link to see if it is active and loads quickly. With the use of standard Pins your brand can be the main focal point. Keep your message simple and to the point and our group of experts will track the data to make sure your ads are getting the best attention.

Video Pins

With video pins, you can create an ad that will entice potential customers to interact and take action with your product. We will help you optimize your pin copy by making sure your ads have clear titles and descriptions so your ad is more likely to be discovered in search. The content you choose for your videos should convey your message clearly and simply. Create short video ads, between 6-15 seconds, in order to keep your potential client interested and entice them to interact with your ad. Most users do not rely on audio when viewing ads, therefore overlayed text would be the most effective addition to your ads that can capture the message you are trying to convey. In your ads, lead with a clear hook within the first few seconds to capture people’s attention. Our team of experts will help you monitor the success of your ads. With our data we can make sure that your ad is running properly and is maximizing your profits.

Idea Pins

Idea pins are Pinterest ads that are a multi-page canvas designed to share your ideas. You are able to use both videos and still pictures in order to convey your message to a wide variety of Pinterest users. This ad type is good for conveying a story and our experts will make sure your ads include everything people need to act. Idea pins were created for your original content, meaning there is no need to add links or content from other sites. Your Pinterest idea pin gets your audience excited to follow you, and keeps them coming back to engage. Using analytics, we can check if your tags are relevant to your topics so your content reaches the right people. It is important to use crisp, clean, and high-quality photos when producing your idea pins. Our experts will help track your data and assure you that your ads are effective and reaching the right audience. Expand your audience reach through the use of idea pins for your ads.

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