Twitter is the place to break your latest news! Bring your business on Twitter and connect to a powerful and passionate audience, make an impact, and drive results.

Video Views

Get people to watch your video.

Pre-roll views

Pair your ad with premium content.

App installs

Get people to install your app.

Website clicks

Drive traffic to your website.


Get people to engage with your Tweet.


Build an audience for your account.

Promoted Tweets

Use promoted tweets to convey your message in a short, efficient and effective way. You can run a poll, add a GIF, or promote your account.We can help you reach thousands of potential new people, get your name out there, and drive awareness. You can promote Tweets that are published organically, or create new Tweets that are only promoted to your audience. You only pay for every 1,000 impressions (CPM). Certain interactions and engagements (likes, Retweets, detail expansions, follows) are free. We will make sure your copy and your creative are strong. We will make sure that your product or business is getting the attention you deserve.

Twitter Cards

Website and App Cards complement website clicks, app-installs and app re-engagements campaigns respectively. This offers a streamlined user experience and large, clickable real estate that drives people directly to your website or mobile app. Promoted Tweets with Website Cards 43% higher engagement rates than Tweets with links. Cards can be used in organic Tweets and Promoted-only Tweets. There are 4 different card types to boost your ad experience on Twitter.  Summary cards include a title, description, and thumbnail. An App Card is a Card with a direct download to a mobile app. A Player Card is a Card that can display video/audio/media. You can also do a Summary Card with a Large Image. This is similar to the Summary Card, but with a prominently-featured image.

Video Ads

Videos are some of the fastest-growing and most engaging media formats. Twitter Video Ads are an incredible way to tap into the power of our influential audience, connect to what’s happening, and be a part of today’s visually-driven world. You can amplify pre-roll campaign to make a memorable impression and maximize performance. Videos are most effective when they are between 6-15 seconds long. Your video will auto-play in timelines and encourage interaction by tap or click. We can help you connect with your audience through pre-roll ads that kick off the videos people love.  Show your logo and keep a permanent placement in the upper-left or upper-right corner of the frame.

Unique Trends

If you’re looking for a way to make a monumental impact, Twitter is the right platform for your business. We can help you connect with your current customers, or new customers, by using creative, trendy hashtags. Make a memorable impression and maximize performance. We can help you convey your message in a short, efficient, and effective way. Create valuable content in order to make sure your message is meaningful, unique, and adds value.

Shape Your Ads

Stay culturally relevant, and connect with new interests and new audiences. We can build a tailored campaign around your goals, audiences, and budget. Our influential audience shapes the conversations that matter. Make sure to keep your message precise. Include a clear call-to-action where applicable. Keep a conversational tone in order to engage your new potential customers. Consider using emojis to add emotion to your ads. Avoid images with heavy text to avoid confusion. Keep your videos to 15 seconds or less. Use a content calendar to plan ahead. We can help you stay on top of trending events and conversations for opportunities to connect with your audience.

Best Practices For Using Twitter

Tweets that get straight to the point and use humor and/or strong opinions tend to do very well. Hashtags (#) refer to topics, keywords, or phrases and are used to categorize messages on Twitter, helping people find and join conversations on particular topics. Best practice is to stick with one or two hashtags per tweet, as more than two hashtags can look messy and spammy. Use demographic targeting to reach people based on location, language, device, age, and gender. Target ads to your known audiences, such as your followers and Tailored Audience lists. We can help you re-market to people who’ve already seen or engaged with your previous campaigns or your Organic Twitter presence.

Using all of these organic Twitter strategies, we can work together to make sure your product or business get’s the online attention it deserves. We can help you stand out on anyone’s timeline. Let us bring your creation to life using these easy Twitter Ads.

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